Currently the Spark Team consists of the following members:

  • Milanna - Guild Master - Administrative work, whip
  • Theedoek - Officer - Website maintenance, other technical stuff...
  • Lynxi - Officer - Raid leading
  • Wolfypants - Officer - Raid Leading
  • Rootbox - Officer - Guidance & Knowledge

Guild Rules

1 - Being in Spark

Being in Spark is about having fun in the World of Warcraft realms, playing with others who are like-minded. It’s about advancing your character(s) while at the same time helping others advance theirs.

We all like to communicate but if you are going to be having a long or personal conversation don’t block the general guild chat – form a channel and discuss there. And no spam please. Please also note we are an English speaking guild.

Spark is now well known on Runetotem and we have a reputation for being good players who are mature and responsible. This reputation has been hard to achieve and we are fiercely proud of it. Therefore please ensure your actions at all times promote this. The guild will take a very dim view of any individual who damages or threatens to damage this reputation which has been built by so many over a long period if time. Please be yourself, but remember at all times you are an ambassador of Spark.

2 - Behave like a human being, and it's all okay!

Saying "Behave like a human being, and it's all okay" is a bit generalized, but the people known by the various names in the guild have another name in real life, and it is an actual person behind that computer. Act like you weren't talking to that person through an avatar that is your character, but the actual person, in real life.

Remember that we are all humans, we do make mistakes, but the first step is to acknowledge this. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself, it might be a cliché, but it is true in all forms. You may want to ask others in the guild for help, don't expect help if you always turn down them when they ask you.

If you get into a heated debate with a fellow guildie, and this is between you two, the officers will not help you out, this is between you, and unless this is a guild matter, it is up to you two to solve it. As about long or personal conversations, keep this in a private channel or in whisper. It is easy to drag people into something both you and them might regret!

3 - Age, the minimum age for membership in Spark is 18.

As a mature guild we only admit mature players. The average age of player in Spark is well into the 21+ group, with some in their 40s. We know there are some great younger players out there, but unfortunately we also know the majority are not so great. It is this majority combined with past experiences which have created the need for an age limit.

Raid rules

1 - TeamSpeak must be installed!

When we are raiding, we are relying on two-way communication between the raid and the raid leader. While almost all of the communication is one-way from the raid leader, some situations might cause the raid leader to want feedback from certain members in the raid. Having a microphone is therefore a plus.

NB! Do not use voice activation, only push-to-talk is allowed while raiding, we don"t want to hear you breathing, seeing you move ingame is a fine way of saying you are alive! :) Or topping the DPS meter, that is fine too!

2 - Gems and enchants MUST be in order!

Your gear is supposed to be up to standard compared to the level of raiding we are at, and so are enchants, gems and reforges. If you are raiding and just expecting to get new gear soon, you still have to be properly gemmed and enchanted before you join the raid.

We are checking your gems on the WoW-Armory, Ask Mr. Robot and ofc in-game!

3 - Bring your own potions and flasks!

While we have supplied food for the last couple of years with feasts and noodle carts, we do not normally supply potions and flasks unless we have a surplus that we can stack up in the guild bank. 3 flasks is enough for a regular raid, since it is 3 hours from start to finish. Potions is varying, depending on how much we wipe, how many bosses we are facing and such. A couple of stacks in your bag at all times is a nice figure to go by.

Remember, while flasks give a small, flat increase, an Intellect potion may at the right time be the difference between a wipe and a guild first kill. You don"t want to be the guy that didn"t mention forgetting potions. If we don"t find out, you will still feel bad.

4 - There is a list of addons you MUST have!

Without these addons, you will not be allowed to raid... at all. Deadly Bossmods (DBM) or BigWigs is the number one priority. Without it, you are risking the life of all characters in the raid from pull till kill. Skada, Omen or Recount for threat meter is also required. Many fights has threat reset in certain phases, which means you will aggro the boss and kill yourself. While killing yourself is a nice way to ensure we won"t be bothered with you not having a threat meter for that fight, we will still tell you to fix it before you get to go on another boss.

Having a good, clean UI is in general a good start to keep the good DPS, TPS or HPS coming. Getting the info you need, and still seeing your raid enviroment is crucial. There are some really good examples if you just Google it.

GTFO is a useful addon if you struggle with standing in stuff you are supposed to GTFO of. Name says it all really, turn your speakers to max to be sure you never stand in stuff again.

5 - Be online and ready before invites start (at 20:15)

Being ready means repaired, flasks and pots in your bags, food if you have special needs, and UI working properly.

6 - Prepare for the fights you expect to see, plus some more

Read up on encounters if you are unsure and/or rusty. We"d rather have you rusty but prepared than rusty and unsure. It is really easy to see if you are unfamiliar with an encounter, and you will hear it from the raid leader, either in the raid, or after.

Also, have a proper spec and the correct gear on when you get into the raid, and carry extra Tomes of the Clear Mind in your bag, so you can change talents on a moments notice, if the raid leader wants this.

7 - The fun fun and serious fun

When we are going between bosses, there will always be gnome sacrifices, laughter, some "Oh shits" flying on TS as a overaggroing warlock pulls the whole room.

But when we are at the boss, you are going to turn on the serious face, get your buffs up, be sure to have flasks for the duration of the next fight, food eaten, and potions ready to be used.

When the pull counter is starting, the only talking that happens on TeamSpeak is the raidleader, and the ones the raidleader wants to speak. Unnecessary talking is not allowed, and will be dealt with.

8 - Pugging

You are allowed to pug, but remember that you may be asked to bring your main even if you have killed the bosses with someone else to support the guild.
We have a certain attendance limit you have to get to, and we are raiding multiple times per week, so getting a raid on both your main and probably an alt is more than likely.

9 - Alts

You can have alts in Spark, and you can raid with them. Be aware that when we sort our raids, alts come below all other except mains signed as "If needed" in a farm run.

On alts you can pug as much as you want, but as we may run multiple fresh runs per week, you"d might want to keep your alts clear to be sure we a) get a group going, and b) you will get loot fairly, by the same system as your main.

10 - Main changes

We do not discourage main changes, but we do have a time limit on them. You can only change your main character every 3 months, and only if we need the role and/or class of your new main character. If you are one of three main tanks wanting to swap to healer which we have 10 of, you will not be allowed, unless demotion to Social is an option. Socials can swap mains as well, and we don"t disallow it in any way, but the time limit still applies.

11 - Loot

We in Spark are especially proud of one thing: sacrifice gnomes to the loot gods, to ensure a good drop every raid. Normally Tria tend to fall victim for this.
Back on topic, we usually stick to using personal loot. Not only is it easy for officers to not have to deal with loot distribution, which speeds up things allot.
It sometimes happens that a player receives loot from the personal loot system that is not as good as the piece they're wearing. When the item has an item level less than or equal to the worn item, it is possible to trade it with other eligible players. At this point you should inform the raid leader you have an item to trade. The raid leader will ask the others (who can actually use the item) to roll for it. The highest role will get the item.

Of more hardcore (progress) raids the raid leader may decide to go for master looting. The raid leader and officers will then decide who gets a specific piece of loot. This is primarily based on who benefits the most out of it.

12 - Signing for raids

Our raid sorting system is known to be as fair as can be. We don't care when you sign, for the most part we don't care what spec or buffs you bring, unless it is critical for the raid. We base our raid sorting purely on ratio. The ratio is the % of how many raids you have gotten into versus how many you have signed for. If you have signed for 12 the last 4 weeks, and gotten into 8, your ratio is 66%, and if someone of the same role got lower ratio then you, this person is above you on the list. We may pick alts out if we see this could benefit the raid, or especially if it is needed to get the raid going. This ofcourse implies that the alt selected is ready to raid, and the player owning the alt is willing to use the alt in the raid.

13 - “There can be only One”

Respect your Raid Leader and the instructions given! As the name suggests the Raid Leader leads the raid. The position of Raid Leader (RL) is the most demanding role in ANY raid. Raids do not work by having lots of people all giving different opinions on how things should be done. Instead one person has the role of guiding the rest through the instance. What the RL says is what happens and the RL decision is always final. Being a Raid Leader is one of the most challenging roles in any MMORPG. If you would like to try being a RL then please apply for a RL position, we are looking for new RLs.

14 - Listen to the Raid Leader

The Raid Leader is there for a reason. Following the instructions given will mean progress through the instance is made swiftly and effectively. If the RL has to give the same instructions repeatedly because raid members are not paying attention then the raid will slow down dramatically. Listen to the instructions given, if you are not sure what to do please ask for clarification – then follow the instructions given. Raid success is all down to teamwork and organisation. This can only be achieved by everyone knowing his or her role and sticking to it.

15 - Consistency & Focus

Throughout all the instances in the current expansion, if mistakes are made at least 9 times out of 10 the raid will not wipe as others will be able to help out. Fights with bosses last some minutes so focus is needed extra there. One bad pull and the whole raid wipes. Boss fights can last 10+ minutes. The luxury of rushing through the instance in a slightly haphazard manner is gone, we can’t just rush in, grab the loot and get out – we have to do it properly, each and every time.

As a side note if you treat all instances like this, you will be a far better player when you do get to the more challenging ones. Instance success is about precision and teamwork not about how fast can we do it. By focussing 100% on your role you will contribute greatly towards the overall success of the raid, you will become a better player and ultimately you will achieve more personal satisfaction from the part you have played. This is not an easy thing to do – but where there is greater challenge there is greater reward.

16 - Team Spirit

The most successful raids are team efforts where everyone works well together. If a player does something exceptionally well they should be congratulated for it. If a player does something bad then do not blame them, the RL will be giving them instructions as to how to avoid the same thing happening again. At this stage we need to conquer the current progress-instance before moving on further still, this can only be achieved by working together – we wont get everything right every time. But we should over the course of a period of time see steady improvement. Support your guild mates and we will all progress together.

17 - Raid Discipline

Players who do not follow rules and instructions from the Raid Leader slow the progress of the raid and greatly increase the likelihood of being wiped. Players who continuously do this threaten the success of the raid and spoil the enjoyment of the other players. The Raid Leader also has the power to remove any player at any point if their behaviour merits it. This is very unusual and normally only used as a last resort. The aim of every raid is to finish with the same people who started, with all having enjoyed the event.

18 - Trial period

Our trialists go through a 2-4 week trial period, where they are supposed to sign up and raid as much as they can and want. We will check the DPS, the raid awareness, that the player is following the rules and orders of the raid leader, and behaving well both in raid and in general.

19 - Attendance

We require a set amount of attendance from our raiders. Normally it is around 50% of the raids, which means 4 raids per week means 2 raids per week signed up. 5 raids would preferably be 3 raids, but 2 can be allowed, especially in certain cases. Talk to an officer if this might be an issue for you.

We may let your signup per week drop down to 1 per week over 8 weeks, which will cause us to give you a warning about impending demotion, unless you have given us a heads up. This doesn't mean going away for 2-3 months, but being away or raiding less for a shorter period of time.

If you don't improve or fall below the 1 per week over 8 weeks, you will be demoted to Social. If you don't act fast, we will start to recruit someone to take your spot in the raid team, and your spot is not guaranteed to be had back.

20 - The Spark Team

If you are having any issues with your class, a certain guildie (read the above statement first), or anything else, contact the Spark Team.

The Guild Master is doing much of the administrative work behind Spark, the general Officers are dealing with things like applications, answering questions, helping players, and dealing with any current issues in Spark, and some of them also deal with administrative work to lighten the load of the Guild Master. The raid leaders are the people who lead the raids, both out of raids and in raids. Discussing and developing tactics, giving input for player evaluations. When in a raid, these are the absolute highest in the pecking order, and even trumps the Guild Master in in-raid matters. If you have an issue with something in a raid, you talk with the raid leader first of all.

Also remember that going over officers will not help you (ie going straight to the GM), as the GM is an officer as well, and unless the issue is with another officer, any officer can help out, since the GM is also administrating the guild, and got a bigger workload.

How to apply for Spark

1. Click on "Apply for Spark" and fill out the form;
2. Activate your account (Check your e-mail and your spam folder);
3. Login on the website;
5. You can see your application and status under "View Applications" in the "Guild" menu.

Who are we?

We are Spark, a European World of Warcraft Alliance guild on the Runetotem server. We are a high end/casual PvE raiding guild. Spark is made up from a wide variety of individuals from different countries and different backgrounds. We are mature players who join together, helping each other develop in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

World of Warcraft is a challenging environment and whilst much can be done alone, the hardest (and therefore most rewarding) challenges in the game require team play. The rewards for these challenges are not just for the characters, but also the sense of achievement for the players. The purpose of Spark is to enable like-minded individuals to improve their gameplay and to overcome these challenges which others will consider impossible.

 Our less experienced guild members are assisted by the more experienced as we seek to bring on players to a level where they can join fellow guild members as we challenge and overcome the hardest opponents within the game. All players are treated equally, irrespective of level.

At Spark we have no desire to be the largest guild. We do not believe 'more' always equals 'better', instead we focus upon having the right people with the right attitude.

 At Spark we take pride in who we are and what we achieve. We believe we are one of the best guilds on the Runetotem? server, and one of the oldest survivng. We believe no other guild offers the balance of maturity, organization, activity, ambition, sense of achievement and social environment that members of Spark enjoy. We also believe we can still improve and we will continue to do so.

 If you would like to know more about us or are interested in joining please see the recruitment section and leave a message. We guarantee to reply at the first available opportunity.


Spark is created from players who are familiar with Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). Some of us have played games like Ultima Online, Everquest, City of Heroes, Lord of the Rings, Dark Age of Camelot, Guildwars and Star Wars.. While others learned their tactics from games like Counter Strike, Battlefield or Unreal series. In these games being at the top was something we not only experienced, but savoured. Although some of us have played different games we all have the same desires..

Feel free to check out Spark on WowProgress to find out more about our progress as raiding guild!