After much progression we have Guild Keystone Master groups up and running. This was a join effort from multiple guild members and finally we have a group of five players who ran as a guild group for a successful Mythic+ 15 run.

Our efforts are now focussed on getting the full guild through successful +15 keys. A great joint effort from the group, as our beloved Guild Leader wasn't in group, we decided to do something special, RAINBOW M FOR MILANNA!!!!!! 

guild web post
Spark adds another two Heroic kills to their roster, with both Tichondrius and Star Augur down.

The Botanist is also on her last 10%. Roll on the next raid!


Latest kill update. Aluriel & Krosus have gone down with ease. Tichondrious is almost there as well.

Heroic is swiftly coming to a close as we refocus back on Mythics again.

Spaces are available within, apply for further details.

Krosus HC

Aluriel HC
Begin the debate. Are they useful or are they pants... of the Demonic kind?

Right, no messin'! Straight back into The Nighthold on Heroic. Straight away we've claimed the next two kills, both the Chromatic Anomoly and Trilliax.

We're now pushing full ahead to claim the next kills. First Skorpyron, Chromatic Anomoly and Trilliax are already down in Week 2, Spellblade Aluriel is next!

Come join us on Runetotem, there are spaces, apply within.

Trilliax HC